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DIY Earring Holder

I had this plastic bucket that originally came with Christmas cookies inside. I had it for a really, really long time because I thought it was really cool and modern looking and I just knew I could craft it into something. Well, I finally did it! I re-purposed it into an earring holder. I happened to have the plastic bucket container already, but even if you had to purchase one, this is a very cheap and easy craft. And it’s pretty nice for traveling!

All you need is:

  • A soft plastic container (must be soft, preferably thinner plastic)
  • a safety pin

This is my plastic bucket. The plastic is thin, thin enough to poke a hole in it with a safety pin.


To make the hole big enough for an earring back to fit in it, you need to swirl the safety pin around once you make a hole in the plastic.

Make the holes in pairs of 2, for sets of earrings.

Make as many as you need!

The inside is a great place to store hoops and other earrings that don’t fit around the outside.

Voila! DIY Earring Holder!


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