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Simple Decorated Mason Jar

This is a very simply decorated mason jar. So simple you probably could have figured it out yourself! However, I have not posted in a while and I really like how it turned out:)
I found a pack of scrap fabric squares at Wal-Mart in the clearance isle (LOVE THE CLEARANCE ILSE!!)

And I had already bought some mason jars that I found at the dollar store (LOVE THE DOLLAR STORE!!)

I just hot glued the outer ring of the inside cap of the lid of the mason jar.

I used this one as a money jar.


  1. *Hot glue dries fast- glue a little around the edge and place the fabric on it to begin. Then glue a little bit more, and a little it more until the fabric is glued completely around the inside lid.
  2. *you also want to make sure that the fabric is stretched evenly and tight around the lid










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