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DIY Revamped Lamp!

Moving into my new apartment soon! What better way to decorate with a splash of cover on a revamped lamp!

Went to good old Wal-Mart and bought 1 yard of home-decor material. It just happened to be that the material I wanted was considered “home- decor”. I’m sure you can use whatever material you see fit. I took off the old material and traced the lamp shade on some brown paper bags to make a pattern. I found this idea from this tutorial. I used hot glue to glue the material on the lamp shade.

I used a yellow spray paint to paint the shaft. It was actually some of the spray paint used to paint the dotted lines on roads. Not sure where my dad got it, but it worked very nicely. I didn’t really prime it, but it may have been easier if I had.

I didn’t have before pictures of the base. it was a rusted gray-ish medal thing. My dad sand-blasted it and primed it.

Now I have a stylish lamp for my new abode! and it only cost me however much I spent on the material 🙂


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