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Favorite [FREE] iPhone Apps

I just got an iPhone…it is an older one that can’t make calls or send texts, but I can download apps! (Which is the best part about the iPhone, right?) My new favorite pass time is browsing the App Store for New apps (Free ones, of course) as well as searching online for “Top Free App” Lists. So why not make my own?! Maybe someone will find this helpful. I mean, they are FREE Apps anyway. These have been my favorite so far:


Wunderlist: Make different lists that you can check off! Star important things or make a list of things that need to get done TODAY.   Ever since I downloaded this app, my To Do list is forever growing.

My Fitness Pal: To be honest, I usually use’s MyPlate. But since you have to pay for that app, and I am a poor college student and didn’t want to pay for it, I found My Fitness Pal. It works about the same as MyPlate. You log your food, water, and exercise, and it keeps track of your progress!

AccelaStudy Exam Vocab: This helps you with exam vocabulary, like for the GRE. It is basically a bunch of flashcards with words and definitions that you can study. You can choose what words you want to study and then take quizzes over them. As a Junior in college who will be taking the GRE in 2 years, I think this app is quite wonderful.

AppsGoneFree: Gives you an updated list of apps that are on sale (aka FREE) for that day. Need I say more?


Hello Vino: Search for wines according to your own taste preference, what goes with certain meals, certain occasions and even food pairing for your wine. Wine is classy. If you like wine, this app is a must have.

Sushipedia: I love sushi, but sometime when I order it, I don’t know what the names mean or what is in it. Sushipedia lets you search sushi by different aspects of it. It gives you the correct Japanese name for it and a description of what is in it. You can even star your favorites.


Pocket Frogs: I feel like a frog pimp when I play this game. You breed frogs to get different kinds and colors of frogs. You find coins and buy habitats. Seems simple, but it is super addicting.

MASH: Remember this game? Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House? Good times. Now you can do it on your iPhone. Bam.


Feed Me Oil: This is a puzzle game where you have to…

well feed these monster things oil! It’s fun. and free. so try it out:)

TonePad: Kind of like making your own music box tune. And no matter how tone-def you are, it always sounds good!

DoodleBuddy: Coloring and drawing on your iPhone…alright, pretty cool…BUT WAIT! You can even take a photo from your album and draw over it!

GIF camera: Now, THIS app is totally awesome. You can take photos from your album and tie them together to make a GIF! You can email the GIF to people, but it won’t let you upload it to FaceBook, which kind of sucks. But, it’s still fun to create GIFs. What I did was draw some consecutive pictures on my white board and took pictures of each. It’s like a little movie!

2 comments on “Favorite [FREE] iPhone Apps

  1. Emery
    June 13, 2012

    Thanks! I have definitely found your list to be very helpful, and will absolutely be downloading some of the apps you’ve mentioned! GIF Camera sounds like way too much fun, even without a Facebook upload! You said you can’t make calls or text on your iPhone, so do you have data on it? If so, do you like any video apps? My favorite is Dish Remote Access, because it lets me view all of my favorite shows from back home (with my Sling Adapter), live or recorded, anywhere my job at Dish takes me for business! It’s the best time-killer around, and a great way to keep up with my favorite shows on the go! 🙂

    • gingerworldproblems
      June 14, 2012

      I just use Wifi, but I can access it at home, work, or school. I’ve never used any of the video apps (other than Netflix), but that sounds pretty nifty!

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