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Zipper Hemp Bracelet Tutorial

First you need 3 pieces of hemp or any type of string. The thicker it is, the easier it is to see the zipper design. You will only see 2 colors, so the third string can be whatever color, because you won’t see it. To figure out the length you need, take the length of your arm (shoulder to tip of middle finger) and the from the tip of your middle finger to your elbow (this measures ONE string. Do this with each.) I put a clip on this bracelet to fasten it, though you don’t have to. I used some super glue to ensure the hemp stays tied to the fastener. For me it is easiest to safety-pin the bracelet to a pillow to work on. Next you make a knot with one color as the next 2 pictures show.

And pull it tight.Then make the same knot with the other color on the other side.

Eventually, it will look like this. To add a bead, slip it onto the middle string and keep alternating knots around it.Like I said before, I used a bit of super glue on the knot to keep together.Voila!

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