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Questions to God

I After a long day at work, I like to come home and enjoy the comforts of my bedroom floor, my laptop, and Netflix. I’m trying to make it a goal this summer to finish How I Met Your Mother (I just finished season one), but then I came across the show Merlin, which is now taking up my time on Netflix (watching the last episode of season one as I type). Anyway, I highly recommend both shows.

I did not run today because I ran yesterday and the day before I did a whole bunch of lunges and squats in my room so every time I move, my quads feel as if they are going to collapse. I am going to volunteer at the soccer camp again tomorrow morning. After that I’m taking some ibuprofen and running til my legs give out.

I also recently found some pretty journals that I had laying around my room. I always buy them with the intention of writing in them, but then I feel that my daily life isn’t interesting enough to actually write about (and look at what I’m doing now, writing a blog…). But I took one and began writing questions to God in it. I only have 5 written down so far, but for years I have thought of really good ones and told myself, “Man, I really need to write these down.” They are not all deep or meaningful. Some are just silly questions that I’d like to know the answer to when I die. Like, have I really eaten bugs in my sleep, and if so how many? or How much of the bible is true? and was Mary a virgin her whole life, or just before Jesus was born? It is kind of silly. I guess when I die and if I make it to heaven I won’t really care about the answers to any of these questions or any more that I think up, though it will be interesting to look back at the question I have if I keep up this little journaling project.

If you could ask God anything, silly or not, what would you ask?

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