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Peanutbutter Chocolate Cupcakes on Cupcakes Recipe


  1. A boxed chocolate cake mix of your choice. (I think I used Duncan Hines because it was the cheapest, but they stilled turned out great)
  2. Whatever ingredients the boxed cake mix calls for (usually some amount of water, oil, and eggs)
  3. 2 containers of vanilla icing (I only used one but ran out with 8 cupcakes left)
  4. a Jar of peanut butter (no, you won’t use it all)
  5. 48 peanut butter cups (24 for inside the cupcakes and 24 to put on top)
  6. chocolate sprinkles

I simply mixed the box cake mix together and poured it into paper-lined cupcake tins. Before putting in the oven (read boxed cake mix for instructions), I pushed a peanut butter cup into each cupcake, but not far enough for it to touch the bottom of the cupcake. After I took them out of oven and let them cool, I spooned the vanilla icing into a bowl and scooped a few spoonfuls of peanut butter into it and mixed it together with a rubber spatula (I think I added about 1.5 heaping spoonfuls per container of icing, but you may add more or less according to your own taste). I spooned the mixed icing into a zip-lock bag and cut the corner. First I unwrapped and turned the leftover peanut butter cups over and iced the tops like little cupcakes and added sprinkles. When the actual cupcakes are completely cooled, I iced and sprinkled them and placed a mini-cupcake on top. VOILA!  Peanut butter chocolate cupcakes on cupcakes!

*all photography on  this page was taken by me:)

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